Serco Aaro SW Street Washer

Serco Aaro SW high pressure Street Washer is a professional choice for challenging use. The device is suitable for different kind of tractors. The equipment is multifunctional and therefore it enables efficient washing of both large and smaller objects. The equipment offers numerous possibilities to optimize its use, which e.g. help to minimize the water consumption.

The special features of the new Street Washer are a cannon washer, a nozzle pipe divisible into two parts, 500 mm lateral shift both to right and left, setting of the nozzle angle, which enables washing also when driving backwards.

The new innovation is a SERCO Smart Control device, which makes it possible to control the device with the same control unit. It’s visual display makes it easier to control the device. With the help of the control unit it is possible to control all the movements of the nozzle pipe and choose a suitable rotation speed for the pump in order to reach a required water pressure and flow. As an accessory a GPS collects speed information.

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